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The trusted online resource for life after university

Save the Graduate was founded in 2012 as an extension to it’s older sister, Save the Student. Together they support and guide students from before they even arrive at university to kick-starting a great career. We are there for the whole journey, and always look to inject as much fun as possible along the way!

Yet the idea for this graduate website was really born on its own merits.


Through our ongoing experience with university students and hearing the struggles many of them go through in making choices and getting a toe onto the career ladder in a tough job market, we recognised a need for more coherent and accessible information that both students and graduates can trust and relate to. And that’s what we strive to offer.

So what do we offer?

We’ve been there. The site is powered by recent graduates who have done the legwork in their own quest to finding employment. Here we share the very best nuggets of wisdom and resources available which can save you a lot of time and heartache.

Beyond the hundreds of guides, you’ll also find some really useful career resources and tools of our own, such as our employer profile directory and job search engine which both streamline the often tedious hunt.

But please don’t mistake us for just another careers advice website! We’re passionate about supporting graduates through all the challenges that life after university brings. That includes other really important things like understanding student loan repayments, deciding whether to go on to post-grad study or take a gap year, or maybe even venture into self-employment.

Save the Graduate is the place for graduates who want to maximise their potential in a new and exciting journey after university.

Who’s behind the screen?

mascot-onpcWell, I’m afraid it’s not Super-Grad (sorry but unlike Father Christmas, he doesn’t really exist).

The site is managed by a team of career advisers, financial experts and – most importantly – recent graduates from across the UK.

This unique working combination of experience and interests produces a feel not usually associated with most careers websites. What we do have in common is a real commitment to supporting recent graduates in an engaging way.

If you think you share our ambitions and want to get involved, the door is always open.

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