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How to get Promoted Quicker

Secure yourself that promotion by doing all of the right things at work.

Firstly, if you’ve secured yourself a job since graduating from uni, well done! You don’t need us to tell you that it’s a fantastic achievement in this tough economic climate.

If you’re the ambitious type though, you’re probably already thinking about ways that you can impress and work your way up the career ladder.

Even the most menial jobs have the potential to turn into something really great if you’re willing to put in the hard work and show your boss just how much of an asset you are to their business.

So, being the ambitious person you are you won’t want to be hanging around so let’s get straight to the tricks and tools you can add to your kit to increase your chances of promotion.

How to guarantee a swift promotion

Improve yourself

Never Stop LearningIf you’ve secured a job that offers training and development opportunities, you’re definitely on to a winner. Employees in these roles are often expected to move through the ranks.

If there doesn’t seem to be much on offer though in terms of learning, don’t just sit back and wait for it to fall into your lap. Use your initiative and seek to progress your own knowledge and understanding in key areas that could be beneficial to your role.

Search the internet or your local library for resources that could help you to get ahead. This sort of thing will definitely impress your employer.

Make yourself available to cover for colleagues while they’re off

A great way to prove that you’re ready for a promotion is to offer to cover for colleagues who are higher up the ladder while they’re on holiday or off sick.

You’ll show just how keen you are to progress, and you’ll also gain a valuable insight into what their work entails and the areas you might need to improve on.

If possible, spend a bit of time job shadowing them before you cover, just to make sure that you have the chance to ask any important questions and can really hit the ground running.

Let your boss know that you want to move up the ladder

Going into work and demanding a promotion from your boss will get you nowhere, but make sure that they do know that you’re ambitious and would love to progress.

Many people are happy just coasting along in the current role and don’t want to be promoted, so make your intentions clear.

In your next performance review, bring it up and don’t be scared to ask for their suggestions about how you could possibly get yourself ready for promotion.

Of course, whether or not this will actually work will depend on the nature of the business. You really don’t want your boss to think that you’re after their job! Always use a common sense approach.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Form great relationships with your coworkers

Getting a promotion can often mean more responsibility, and in many cases, you might be required to manage a team. This could be a formal line management position, or just overseeing the work of other employees.

If you’re known for having brilliant working relationships, you’re massively boosting your chances of getting that promotion.

Plus, if your boss ever asks them if they think you are ready to step up the ladder then they will most likely fight your corner.

Work hard

The fact remains that nothing beats good old fashioned hard work when it comes to securing a promotion. If you’re known in the company for going beyond the call of duty and putting your all into your work, it will get noticed and it will be appreciated.

When the time comes that your boss is looking for someone to fill a higher position, they’ll remember the times that you proved that you could perform over and above the level of your current job.

Come up with your own ideas

You need to prove that you can make a difference at higher levels within the company. A lot of this involves making key decisions in order to bring the company forward and make more money.

If you have an idea for any part of the business then don’t be scared to research it and put together a proposal in your spare time. Once you are happy with your findings you can present it to your boss.

Even if they don’t use your idea it can still be a good sign of your intentions to help the business grow. No idea is too big or too small!

Apply for jobs within the company

If you see the opportunity to apply for a job higher than your own within the company then you should jump at the chance.

You may be told that you are under qualified but it’s well worth a shot as it shows your intention.

Move elsewhere

If you don’t feel like there is he potential to succeed and grow in the company you currently work for then you may have to look at the option of moving to another company.

You may be able to move to a higher¬†position¬†with them and if you fail the interview then it’s no loss because you still have your current job.

Have you secured a promotion? What tips would you share with other graduates?