In the Job

How to Impress your Boss

Now that you’ve got your job, use these tips to impress your boss without going over the top?

You don’t need us to tell you just how important it is that you create the right impression with your boss. If you want to be in with a chance of a promotion, or just want to know that your job is secure, it’s wise to pull out all the stops and show just how indispensable you are to the business!

There’s a fine line though between impressing and trying too hard so getting the balance just right is important.

10 Sure fire ways to Impress your Boss

Be reliable

This should go without saying, but you’d be absolutely amazed at how many people think it’s okay to turn up late once they’ve been in a job for a few months!

Get yourself into a good routine and try to get into work ten minutes early each day. If something happens and you can’t help being late, make sure that you ring your boss as soon as you can. Being reliable and trustworthy will be noticed by your superiors.

Be flexible

Be flexibleAlmost every job has bits that you won’t really like doing. If you’re in a graduate position, you might feel like admin isn’t really what you’re there for. The fact remains though that unless you’re the CEO, you’ll just have to get on with it.

When necessary, be prepared to muck in with other tasks and help out your colleagues.

The same goes for working late or coming in early. You shouldn’t be expected to do it all of the time, but be willing to sacrifice your social life from time to time if you’re needed after 5pm.

If you leave at 5 on the dot everyday without completing tasks then you might end up leaving your workmates or boss having to cover you. Not a good idea!

Speak up when something’s wrong

If you notice that something isn’t going well, or you disagree with the way that a project is being managed, speak up. You’ll need to pick your moments and handle the situation sensitively, but if you really believe that it’s best for the business, don’t just keep quiet for the sake of it.

This approach shows massive integrity, which is essential in more senior roles.

Seek out more responsibility

If you go to work and just do what’s required of you, it’ll be appreciated but you’ll probably be never singled out for promotion. To get ahead, you need to go out there and demonstrate exactly what you’re made of!

Ask if there are any other tasks that you could help with, and if a project pops up that sounds right up your street, see if there’s anything you could do to get involved.

Be honest about what you can do

be honestIt can be tempting to try to take on too much to show just how good you are at your job, but don’t let this backfire. If you have too much on and there’s no chance of you meeting your deadlines, have a word with your boss well in advance and explain the situation.

It’s all about managing expectations. People will have much more respect for you in the longer term if you’re honest and aren’t afraid to say if something is a bit too much for you.

Just make sure you learn and remember for next time.

Do tasks that others forget

If you are willing to muck in and make sure that the whole office runs smoothly then you will be showing your ability to take on a more senior role (where more is expected of you)

Even small tasks like wiping kitchen surfaces or refilling the printer with paper tend to get overlooked and are a good place to start.

Keep up with the industry

Try to make sure that you can keep up with what’s going on in the industry and let people know about important issues. You could even pick up a couple of industry specific magazines to read at lunchtime which shows your boss that you are on the ball.

You could even show your boss about new social media updates and tactics that are yet to be exploited in your industry for example.

Keep your desk organised

Keep a clean deskIt may seem like a small thing but a well organised desk will show that you are capable of… being organised.

A tidy work space is showing your boss that you can keep on top of things and work efficiently. Try to add a couple personal touches too to let your creative side show.

Look for ways to save/make more money

At the end of the day this is what most businesses are all about. If you can think of any way to save money or make extra money for the company then it will always be seen as a good thing.

It could be something as little as reducing print outs to something huge such as spotting a new revenue stream.

Be opinionated (within reason)

As you get to higher positions within a business you will find that managers etc. are more willing to put across their point of view. Nobody wants you to simply be a yes man/woman!

It’s important that you share your views without being too dominant and accepting feedback. Even if your opinion is not taken into account it will show your boss that you do have ideas.

If you follow these tips, and do so consistently, you’ll find that your boss realises just how lucky they are to have you around!

When it comes to impressing your boss, how do you make sure that you’re getting it right?