5 skills needed for a career in digital marketing

We asked Susan Hallam, CEO of digital marketing agency Hallam Internet, to tell us about the skills she’s looking for in a new graduate employee.

Susan HallamYou’ve graduated, you’re ready to start work – now how do you get that first job?

For many businesses, graduates are an integral part of their business strategy. Grads bring a fresh perspective to their role, they’re keen to learn and they have demonstrated through their degrees that they have the motivation to apply themselves fully to any project.

As the CEO of a successful digital marketing agency, I’ve recently taken on two graduate trainees – Jannike Ohsten and Abra Millar, both from Nottingham University.

I’m often asked what I look for in a graduate employee; here are 5 criteria I look at when assessing a grad for a digital marketing role at my agency:

Shows an interest

It sounds simple, but intellectual curiosity is a key factor for me as an employer. I understand that experience is earned over time, but it is that curiosity and willingness to learn that differentiates a good candidate from the rest. I’m more than willing to invest time in training on a grad who shows a passion for their new role.

Has good interpersonal skills

One of the most valuable skills you learn at university, probably without even realising, is the ability to integrate into new groups and get on well with new people. In my business, my consultants have to work with a variety of clients and I need to know my business will be well represented by them in meetings, emails and over the phone.

Being able to show you have good interpersonal skills in an interview situation will no doubt get you noticed by a potential employer.

Is able to multitask

Working on a digital campaign might mean generating content, monitoring campaign performance, emailing a client and making tea for the team all at the same time. The ability to multitask is something I look for in all graduates I interview and I expect them to be able to give me real world examples.

Manages time well

Time management is an integral skill for any role. Turning up to an interview with time to spare is a sure sign that the person is not only able to manage their time, but that they are keen. Don’t turn up too early though – you need to be able to respect my time management, too. Having examples of how you have managed your time well is always a good idea.

Demonstrates literacy and numeracy skills

Literacy and numeracy are often terms used a lot at school, but once you start specialising in a certain topic at university, it can be easy to demote the basics from your list priorities. As a digital marketing agency, I need to know my employees can write well and interpret data – so being able to show your skills in these areas can still be incredibly powerful.

Are you interested in a career in digital marketing? Susan’s agency is currently looking for a new graduate trainee – take a look here for more information and to apply.