Graduate Unemployment Rates since 1975

Take a look at this interesting graph to see how graduate unemployment has changed over recent decades.

Being in tough economic times, it’s not much of a surprise that the sorry state of the job market in the UK is a big topic in news and media. With tuition fees up this year in parallel with more students graduating in this country than ever before, graduate unemployment rates is one area of the market that is especially reported upon.

But thanks to Dr Charlie Ball from HECSU (a graduate careers research group) we can strip back the media commentary and look at the hard statistics. Dr Ball has just published the graph below which tracks graduate unemployment (no job within six months) way back to 1975.

Graduate unemployment rates

Source: HECSU Blog

It’s clear that, despite the headlines, graduate unemployment is not the highest it’s ever been, and in fact you could argue there is a downward trend. What is slightly different in this current recession era is that the rate appears to have leveled off at around 9%, maintaining a relatively high rate (compared to the late 90s) rather than spiking. The economy and job market has stalled and could really do with more measures to kick-start it!

Dr Ball publishes these graphs each year, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s been much improvement come 2014. Do you think things will get better by then?

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