Sales jobs: 11 big reasons not to write them off

Sales is often seen as a sleazy industry full of arrogant people who only care about making money. Well that’s great! A. Because it’s not, and B. because there’s little job competition!

So, a job in sales is all about sitting in a call centre every day peddling stuff that people don’t really want. Right?

You’re wrong!

coffee mugIf you think that sales isn’t a career that’s suitable for ambitious graduates who want to go places, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

You need to realise that Del Boy isn’t the only kind of salesperson out there.

Ok, you might get a thrill out of selling gold watches, but you equally might find satisfaction from explaining the benefits of a new cure for a life-threatening disease to a government agency.

More and more (but still not enough) savvy university leavers are recognising the field as the fantastic opportunity that it really is. And they’re certainly reaping the rewards!

It’s time to leave your preconceptions at the door and take a look at these reasons why you should give a career in sales some serious consideration.

Pay is competitively high

Starting salaries for graduates going into sales can be in excess of £24,000. And then there’s the additional benefit of most roles offering commission payments.

In some cases, commission isn’t capped, so the sky really is the limit. If you want the opportunity to skyrocket your earnings from the very beginning of your career, there’s no better option.

For an idea of what you could expect, check out these live sales jobs for graduates.

Travel is commonplace


Does the thought of being stuck in an office all day fill you with dread? Salespeople travel across the UK, and sometimes even abroad if working for an international company.

The costs are covered by the business, so this sort of job is a great choice if you want to see more of the world and naturally…

Meet people

Working in sales, you’re likely to meet new people on a daily basis. If you’re a naturally sociable person who thrives in this sort of environment, you’ll find that this is a definite perk of the job.

Sitting in the office and seeing the same people day in and day out can be one of the toughest parts of any career, and sales is one that’s certainly an exception in this respect.

Competition is low

graduate competition

Even when businesses are downsizing, sales is often the last to go. After all, shifting products and services to finance the rest of the company is one of the most vital task.

As such, you’d be hard pushed to find a company that isn’t recruiting sales staff. Jaguar Land Rover and IBM are just a few of the prestigious employers which offer sales graduate schemes.

Flex your entrepreneurial muscle

Do you dream of running your own business one day? Any successful business owner will vouch for the fact that to get ahead, you need to be able to sell.

A career in sales could be the perfect launch pad for starting your own venture. You’ll get a real feel for what makes people snap your hand off, and how to pitch your very own product or service to the market.

It’s pretty glamorous!

champagne glassIf dressing up in your best suit and wining and dining clients in fancy restaurants sounds like your cup of tea, sales could be right up your street.

Depending on the nature of the employer, you could spend a great deal of time boozing and schmoozing. Yes, for a job.

Of course, glamour isn’t always present. Experienced sales staff will all have tales to tell about grabbing a late night sandwich in a motorway service station!

Opportunities for personal development

There’s no shortage of training courses for sales staff, and most companies will actively encourage their teams to keep up to date with the latest techniques and tricks of the trade.

In addition to this, your local library will be packed full of books to help you improve your sales skills. Expect to be constantly learning and honing your approach.

Develop transferable skills

Imagine for a second that you’re working in finance. You might become the best number cruncher in the world, but that won’t mean much if you decide you want a change of direction.

In sales though, you’ll equip yourself with skills that can easily be transferred into other functions. From the ability to form strong working relationships to influencing decisions, you’ll have plenty to show off on your CV.

Relatively secure

red rope

Long-term job security is often overlooked in the frantic search for employment, but it should be carefully considered. As we know, sales staff are often at the very end of the queue when it comes to cuts.

You will of course have to perform well at your job to hang on to it, but there isn’t the constant fear of redundancy which is beyond your control.

Plenty of variety

There’s no typical day in the life of a sales professional. You’ll be out meeting different people, getting an insight into different businesses, and dealing with all sorts of challenges along the way.

As all businesses have sales functions, there’s also the opportunity to work in different sectors and industries over the course of your career. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that you’ll never get bored!

Job satisfaction

i love my jobMany sales professionals will tell you that there’s no better feeling in the world than bagging that sale you’ve been chasing!

It can put a big bonus in your own pocket, and contribute directly to the future of the whole business.

Not to mention you’ve helped out a customer by providing a solution to a problem! If you’re lucky, they could well be back for more.

Pursuing a career in sales is certainly not to be sniffed at! Yes it’s not for everyone, but just remember that ‘sales’ is not just one set ‘sleazy’ profession.

Don’t let your preconceptions hold you back from a fulfilling, exciting and highly rewarded career path.

Have you ever thought about going into sales after university? What’s stopping you?