Postgraduate Study

Is post-grad study for me?

Not sure whether a post-grad course is the best option for you? Here, we take a look at the questions you should ask yourself.

Post-grad study is something that many university leavers consider, but is it really the right option for you?

It’s a big commitment in terms of both time and money, so you really need to be sure before you commit yourself.

However, with the job market as it is at the moment more and more graduates are looking into further study in order to improve their long term employment chances. For some it’s essential to¬†pursue¬†their dream career.

Here’s a few important questions that you really need to be asking yourself before making a concrete decision.

Should you do Post-Grad Study?

Are you ready for more hard work?

Some of us naturally love learning, where as others find it boring and tedious. Before you decide to take on more study, carefully consider just how much hard work will be involved.

If the thought of more lectures and assignments fill you with dread, it could be the case that it’s not really the best choice for you.

Can you cope with the intellectual challenge?

As mentioned, academia isn’t for everyone. Even some people who have completed undergraduate degrees will admit that it was a tough challenge.

As you move into post-grad study options, the work will be even tougher. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do it – it just means that you have to be ready for the challenge and be fully prepared for frustrations and late nights in front of your laptop.

There will be a lot more work and research that you will have to do yourself too. This takes a lot of self-motivation.

Give this some thought before rushing into a decision.

Do you want to get further into debt?

moneyThe chances are, taking on a post-grad course will leave you with more debt. Of course, you might see this as necessary and a price you’re willing to pay if it’ll kickstart your career, but it’s something that you should think long and hard about.

You could find it an unwelcome strain if you’re still living the student lifestyle while your mates are out earning (and spending) a wage.

You also need to think if you will be able to pay for your study during your post graduate course. You may have to look for a part time job or get a loan to cover expenses.

What are your other options?

If you’re looking at post-grad study simply because you don’t know what else to do, we’d strongly advise that you take some more time to weigh up your options.

Post-grad study can be very expensive, so it’s not wise to start it if you don’t have a clear goal at the end of it. The mot common alternative is to search for a job after graduating.

However, if you know exactly what line of work you want to go into and you know that you need a post-grad qualification to pursue it, it could well be the right path for you.

Will it help you to find work?

The answer to this will vary massively depending on your chosen field. For some professions, such as teaching, you’ll have no option but to complete a post-grad course. In other areas of employment, it could be questionable whether it’ll really make much difference in the long run.

Do some careful research and find out what difference it could make to your career.

In some cases you may also want to carry out a post-grad degree because you are not pleased with your degree results or subject of choice for your undergraduate degree.

Do you have a genuine passion for the subject?

heartAre you really, genuinely interested in the subject that you want to do a post-grad course in? Would you happily read about it just for pleasure? If so, pursuing a further qualification could be very rewarding.

If not, it could turn out to be boring and demotivating. Ask yourself honestly if you really do want to know more about your chosen topic, or if your motivation lies elsewhere.

Once you’ve taken some time to ask yourself these questions, you should have a much clearer idea in you mind about whether you want to pursue post-grad study.

Is it something that you’ve been thinking about? Have these pointers helped you to make your decision?